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Survivor Testimonials


"Last year I was in a very abusive relationship. Physically mentally emotionally sexually, it was a nightmare. I went to a shelter for about 5 months, however they lacked the tools needed to assist me effectively. So I left and struggled daily until I got in contact with someone from first steps to heal. Beyond grateful, they moved swiftly, stayed in communication with me during the entire process, and had an amazing sense of urgency getting me signed up for different programs. I’m so grateful to have a true safe space that allows me to heal from this traumatic experience. "

S.G. - January 2022 


"I requested help from First Steps To Heal because I was in a long term domestic violence relationship that lasted 3 years of a 8 year relationship....(graphic details omitted). I was very frightened I feared for my life. Later that day my daughter came to pick me up and we went to the police station filed a report and the police came and arrested him.  

FSTH is a God sent. They immediately put me up in a beautiful hotel for 2 weeks. Sent me a beautiful fruit basket, told me of a local food bank & and are supplying me with a wealth of resources to find housing. My contact at FSTH Jaquetta Jenkins has been wonderful compassionate and has given me such a feeling of hope. I'm very happy that she is the person helping me. "

M.M. - January 2022 

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