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Give the Gift of Safety

Give the Gift of a Peaceful Night's Sleep

Imagine a situation where you feel stuck...trapped...and you're fearful of your life. Imagine this fear is being inflicted by someone you trusted and planned to spend forever with. Now your in a position where you need help, you need to retreat to a safe place but you refuse to bring your children to a shelter facility or the domestic violence shelter has a beautiful and welcoming environment but they are at capacity and as a result cannot provide emergency shelter to you and your children.


First Steps To Heal was founded with these common issues in mind. Our survivor-centered, trauma-informed approach to providing emergency shelter is unique to Westchester and surrounding counties.


First Steps To Heal is a New York State licensed and approved Domestic Violence Sponsoring Agency. We provide immediate support and non-congregate emergency shelter via extended hotel stays to Domestic Violence Survivors with minor children who live in Westchester County, NY.


Earlier you were asked to imagine yourself in a situation where time is of the essence. We are able to provide Domestic Violence Survivors who need to flee a violent situation with immediate help and shelter. Your dollar helps survivors get access to our services at the exact moment when its needed the most.

Today we are asking for your help with providing a family fleeing domestic violence with one hotel night. If you are so compelled, providing two or three nights of peaceful sleep will be a blessing to a family in need.

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